Saturday, May 08, 2021

Panameños y extranjeros podrán registrarse para la solicitud de vacunación contra COVID-19.

The platform improved so that foreigners can register for vaccine application

The Government Innovation Authority makes adjustments in the registration platform for the application of the COVID-19 vaccine, so that foreigners who are in Panama can enter their data.

Since the digital form was enabled at, foreigners residing in the country reported that they could not register because when trying to do so they got a validation error.

In Panama there are three groups: foreigners registered with the National Migration Service, undocumented and those registered as tourists.

AIG sources told Telemetro that the form will be enabled for the three groups.

The first 40,000 doses of COVID-19 vaccine from the pharmaceutical company Pfizer are expected to arrive in Panama next week.

The National Government prepared a vaccination plan divided into four phases, and these in turn into stages, in which the first vaccinated will be health workers, bedridden adults over 60, members of essential services and people over 16 years of age with disabilities.

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Carlo Rios 53 days ago
I do not have a Cédula only a passport.
Jane Lombardo 61 days ago
I can't enter a date of birth.
Allene Blaker 113 days ago
The COVID Registry will still not accept Passport numbers.


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