Tuesday, Jan 26, 2021

El Ministerio de Salud brindó anuncios sobre la aplicación y manejo de la vacuna anticovid en Panama

Minsa details phases of COVID-19 vaccination strategy in Panama

The Ministry of Health announced the strategy that will be used in Panama for the application of the vaccine against COVID-19.

The vaccination schedule corresponds to the priority groups by phase from 1 to 4.

Phase 1

- Stage 1A: Health workers and support personnel on the front line, from the public and private system, and people over 60 years of age with exceptional conditions (bedridden, in nursing homes and family homes).

- Stage 1B: The rest of the health workers, essential services groups (public force, Sinaproc, Firefighters, Red Cross), people over 16 with disabilities certified in the Senadis will be vaccinated until December 31, 2020 and bedridden. Cleaning staff.

Phase 2

- Stage 2A: Adults over 60 years of age, and the population aged 16 to 59 with chronic diseases.

- Stage 2B: Administrative teachers of public and private schools and universities, as well as the staff of the Caipis.

Phase 3

- Stage 3A: Population of the regions and areas of difficult access.

- Stage 3B: Population in risk occupations such as airport, Customs and Immigration. Drivers of public transport and cargo, and deprived of liberty.

Phase 4

- Population 16 to 59 years of age without chronic diseases.
General population.

More than 182 thousand Panamanians have registered to be vaccinated

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, stressed that the vaccination process will be carried out in an organized manner and continues in all the country's provinces.

Sucre recalled that the vaccination scheme will be carried out gradually and in accordance with the arrival of batches of vaccines to the country.

The Minister Couselor of Health, Eyra Ruíz, stressed that the vaccination plan contemplates that all Panamanians will have access to the vaccine against Covid-19.

Ruiz said that the principles of safety and efficiency were taken into account when choosing the vaccine to be applied in Panama.

The objective is also to reduce deaths from Covid-19 and reduce the chain of infections.

Ruiz emphasized that citizens should make their appointments to get vaccinated as soon as the vaccines arrive and their group is included in the program. To obtain the appointment, you must enter the Panama Solidario web page, where at the top there is a vaccination icon, where a form will be displayed.

You will be asked your full name, ID, place of residence, cell phone, among other questions. You don't have to wait for a phase to sign up, you can sign up now, he said.

According to Ruiz, to date 182,899 people have registered, of which 60,157 report a chronic disease.


Gringoguapo 5 days ago
My better half, una Panamena, went on line to try and register me for a vaccination. Web site wanted cedula number,not passport and wouldn't take my pensionado number. Why can't private clinics provide at a cost? Typical. Very frustrating as are many things here. Oh, well. Any suggestions besides drop dead or return to US?
Gringoguapo 5 days ago
Sorry. Panama Solidario. Thanks.
Gringoguapo 5 days ago
GB, Ken and Claire are all typical hysterical conspiracy lunatics. If you don't want it then, don't get it. Please keep your psychosis to yourself, thank you. Question: Does one need to sign up to obtain vaccination in a certain phase?


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