Sunday, Dec 05, 2021

Application of the third dose in Panama would be implemented in coming days

Application of the third dose in Panama would be implemented in coming days

The third dose of the anticovid vaccine will be given to people in high risk groups.
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harleyrider 88 days ago
Good grief.....we didn't need the polio, smallpox or measles vaccine? Grow up. Maybe read a vaccine history book. If the human body know so much about the coronavirus, how come so many hospitalizations and deaths?
mike 88 days ago
Believe it or not. The immune system knows the coronavirus very well and knows how to deal with it. This is not just the opinion of the experts in Israel. That is the opinion of all experts who know what they are talking about because they have learned it and who are independent of greedy pharma advisors. Without the immune system, humans cannot survive one day.
harleyrider 89 days ago vaccine....just catch the virus and hope for the best??????????? No thanks. Take a look at Texas, Florida, Mississippi and Louisiana. No shots, lots of hospitalizations and deaths.
mike 89 days ago
A recent large-scale study by scientists from renowned Israeli institutions showed that the natural immunity that is built up in the body after a Covid infection works much more effectively and sustainably than immunity through vaccination.

In Israel, the health data of 2.5 million people were evaluated over a period of 17 months. The study concludes that those who have been vaccinated have a 13 times higher risk of contracting corona than those who have recovered. According to the study, the risk of developing a serious Covid 19 disease is 27 times higher for vaccinated people than for those who have recovered!

Scientists from Maccabi Healthcare Services, Ashdod University Hospital and Tel Aviv Medical University worked on this study. Mr Sucre should read and understand this study before proceeding with his impforgie.