Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

La líder de la oposición venezolana y autoproclamada embajadora del presidente interino Juan Guaidó en Panamá, Fabiola Zavarce

Zavarce will step down from the position of Venezuela Ambassador in Panama

Fabiola Zavarce announced on February 5 that she will proceed to deliver her diplomatic credentials that accredited her as Ambassador of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in the country.
“Thankful to the legitimate National Assembly, elected in 2015, and to the interim president, Juan Guaidó, for the trust they placed in 2019, by appointing me as ambassador to Panama. They have been two intense years, fighting every day for the freedom of our country, ”she said.

Zavarce thanked the Panamanian people and their authorities for the support received during her tenure.

“The Venezuelan community in Panama will continue to count on my unconditional support. We will continue working for the rescue of democracy in Venezuela”, concluded Zavarce.

The Government of Panama asked Zavarce to return her credentials on January 8, 2021, after former Minister Jorge Rodríguez assumed the presidency of the Venezuelan Parliament with the support of the Chavista caucus, which regained control of the Assembly National after winning the legislative elections on December 6.

The Panamanian authorities clarified that this position "cannot be interpreted as a recognition of the legitimacy of the Nicolás Maduro regime."

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