Tuesday, Jan 19, 2021

Movimiento “Jóvenes por Panamá” se pronuncia sobre diferentes temas

Young people demand from the Government transparency, accountability and plan on economic reactivation

Young people from different sectors of society spoke on Tuesday about the situation in the country, the measures adopted by the National Government in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and the lack of accountability, among other aspects.
The creation of the Movement "Youth for Panama" intends to show a clear position against the actions and omissions committed by the Government in turn, led by President Laurentino Cortizo Cohen, where, for 8 months, have constantly incurred offenses against the rule of law, the waste of state resources, the disconnection with the reality of Panamanians, the lack of transparency in public works and purchases in the time of the pandemic, the lack of immediate action against the health crisis that is being experienced worldwide among many other actions that as Panamanian youth, we categorically reject, they emphasize.

Faced with this, they list a series of demands that they hope will be met by the Government:

That the breakdown of the expenses incurred, updated by the Central Government in the time of the pandemic and in the management of the foreign debt acquired by the government, be established once a week in the press conferences of the epidemiological report at 6:00 p.m. State.

That the right enshrined in the Magna Carta to demonstrate without repression be respected, since the country is facing a declared state of emergency and the constitutional guarantees have not been suspended.

That the payment of overtime is made to health personnel, and they reject the hiring of foreign doctors until the hiring of Panamanian medical personnel and recently graduated young doctors are first resolved.

They demand that the measures imposed in the pandemic be based on adequate statistics, that they be established with a defined period of time and that their effectiveness or ineffectiveness be disclosed once that period is fulfilled.

That the necessary supplies be supplied to hospitals, health centers, and health personnel, since to date there are many inconveniences that arise from them due to the lack of the necessary equipment as a result of the "irresponsibility of the Ministry of Health."

On the other hand, they emphasize that if these requirements are not met, they do not rule out taking other types of actions, "we will do what is necessary to recover everyone's Panama."

“Youth for Panama” movement is made up of young people from civil society, youth from political parties and political structures in formation.

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