Thursday, Apr 22, 2021

La mujer deberá pasar 4 años y medio en la cárcel por realizar pornografía infantil

Woman in Herrera sentenced to 56 months in prison for child pornography

In the province of Herrera, a woman was sentenced in prison for 56 months (4 and a half years) for the crime of corruption of minors in its aggravated modality (child pornography).
Said convict occurs after an oral trial hearing, which lasted three days and where the prosecutor in the case, Héctor Acevedo, presented the binding allegations that demonstrated the criminal responsibility of the accused as the author of the crime of juvenile corruption.

This investigation began in mid-October and November 2018, when pornographic material had been made with a minor under 2 years of age at the residence of the convicted person, which was disseminated through a social network.

In addition to the main penalty, the Magistrates granted an accessory penalty of 56 months of disqualification from exercising public functions.

It is added that once the main penalty has been served: a penalty that according to the new amendments to Law 21 of March 20, 2018, cannot be replaced by any other measure and must be completed in a penitentiary, since the victim is a minor.

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