Sunday, May 09, 2021

Incendios no dan tregua a la provincia argentina de Córdoba

Wild fires continue fierce in the Argentine province of Córdoba

Hundreds of firefighters were trying to quell the forest fires that did not give ease to the Argentine province of Córdoba and that were approaching dangerously to one of its main highways.
The brigade members were struggling to combat the flames, which have been burning vegetation for several weeks, with the assistance of nine fire hydrant planes, reported the government of Córdoba, in central Argentina.

The fire spread in the last hours to Army lands, on one of the sides of the highway that connects the provincial capital with the tourist town of Villa Carlos Paz, one of whose sections had to be cut.

Social networks were filled with images recorded by motorists driving on that highway in which the flames and smoke were seen at a short distance and a gas station located on the side of the road practically surrounded by fire.

The service station facilities were saved, but firefighters continued to fight other fiery outbreaks.

Firefighters were also trying to fight the flames in the jurisdiction of Berrotarán and Calamuchita.

The fire has devastated several mountain areas of Córdoba in recent months, destroying some 190,000 hectares.

According to the authorities, the conditions for the development of forest fires continue to be extreme due to the persistent drought and high temperatures.

Many have been intentionally provoked by rural producers preparing grazing areas for animals.

Seven other Argentine provinces, most in the north of the country, are experiencing periodic forest fires.

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