Thursday, May 13, 2021

Why Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton Wore Purple on Inauguration Day

Why Kamala Harris, Michelle Obama, and Hillary Clinton Wore Purple on Inauguration Day

Behind the purple hues of Kamala Harris' Inauguration Day outfit is a deeper message about political unity.

During today's inauguration, Vice-President Kamala Harris took her oath of office in a bright purple coat by Christopher John Rogers, a young Black fashion designer from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. She paired the outerwear with a matching dress from Sergio Hudson, another Black designer based in South Carolina. Her fellow attendees, Michelle Obama and Hillary Clinton, also arrived at the ceremony in different violet hues-Obama in a Sergio Hudson jumpsuit and Clinton in a Ralph Lauren pantsuit-prompting many to consider the meaning behind their color choice.



In a 1913 newsletter from the Nation Woman's Party, the organization wrote, “Purple is the color of loyalty, constancy to purpose, unswerving steadfastness to a cause."

Embodying that idea, Harris' dedication to her purpose in office has been unwavering. While walking up to her new residence, when asked by a reporter what her first priority is in office, she responded, "Get to work. I'm just walking to work."

Others see Harris' purple ensemble as a nod to Shirley Chisholm, the first Black woman to run for president and the first Black woman to be elected to Congress. Many of Chisholm's campaign posters-boasting her slogan, "unbought and unbossed"-featured purple as the central color.

In a more literal sense, purple is the mixture of red and blue; in terms of politics, it represents bipartisanship-the coming together of Republicans and Democrats. President Joe Biden's inaugural speech spoke about the unification of the country, encouraging citizens to support a more peaceful cohabitation of members from opposing political parties.

Mirroring those sentiments, the message behind Harris' wardrobe choice is clear: it's time to get to work and bring America together for a brighter, more equal future.


General Butler 111 days ago
The powers that rule this world just completed their most impressive color revolution.


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