Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

WHO rules out that the coronavirus can be transmitted through food

WHO rules out that the coronavirus can be transmitted through food

The World Health Organization (WHO) assured this Thursday that a transmission of the new coronavirus through food should not be feared, after China announced that it had discovered covid-19 particles in imported food.

We do not believe that the coronavirus can be transmitted through food. If we have understood it correctly, China looked for the virus in packages, verified it with hundreds of thousands and only found it in very few; less than ten tested positive, explained scientist Maria Van Kerkhove, head of the emerging diseases unit of the WHO.

However, we know that it can stay on the surface for a while and we have given directions, through the FAO (the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) so that workers in the food sector are in safety in their work environment, Van Kerkhove said.

Chinese authorities announced on Thursday that they had found particles of the virus during a routine check in frozen chicken wings from Brazil and in shrimp wrappers imported from Ecuador.

Our food with respect to covid is safe, defended Michael Ryan, director of health emergency situations at the WHO, who recalled that there is no proof that food or food chains are involved in the transmission of the virus.

This type of information should not be exaggerated," said Ryan. People are scared enough of the pandemic already, he added.


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