Monday, Jun 05, 2023

Biden deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Biden deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Americans who served in Afghanistan observed the rapid and chaotic collapse of the Afghan puppet government with mixed feelings of sadness, anger and relief. But it’s better to go back home 20 years late, than never at all. It’s better to go back home after “only” 2,300 American soldiers died and not more; it’s better to go back home after “only” 20,000 American soldiers were paralyzed and not even more. These soldiers, and hundreds of thousands of their luckier brothers-in-arms, put up a great fight, but it was all for nothing.

There was no real justification to go into Afghanistan in the first place, and so, after 20 wasted years, there was no excuse to continue letting soldiers lose their lives and tax payers their money, for simply nothing.

Leaving Afghanistan must be done in a way that will ensure that no American and no ally will be left behind. The escape from Afghanistan must be done in a controlled manner, which will ensure that the huge amount of quality weapons that America has left in the hands of the Afghan army will not fall into the hands of the Taliban. The execution of the withdrawal must not be left in Biden's hands. He is merely a politician, a politician far beyond retirement age, not a man of deeds. His decision to withdraw is the decision that is so important and right and necessary. But the management of the withdrawal from Afghanistan must be done wisely and professionally by the commanders of the forces on the ground. It is their job and responsibility.

The United States' allies must take care of their own forces and not rely on the United States to suddenly care about the lives of unarmed soldiers. After all, Saddam Hussein was also a very important ally for fifty years ...

Biden's job is to talk, not to do. His job is to repeat the trick from the Vietnam War, and present failure and defeat as if it were victory and success. Biden should strive to present the United States Army as winners, not losers. Truth is not important in times when the world must feel like it has a leader capable of leading. And in promoting this illusion, Biden has a successful experience.

Actually, it would be a mistake to call the war of the unnecessary twenty years in Afghanistan a total failure. From one point of view - and one only - it was a huge success: the Afghan war managed to suck untold billions of dollars from the dumb taxpayers into the pockets of the smart war industry. 

Biden deserves the Nobel Peace Prize

Biden deserves the Nobel Peace Prize that was mistakenly given to Obama for accomplishing simply no peace. Obama made zero peace, not outside the USA nor within. 

Trump managed to negotiate amazing peace agreements outside the U.S., breakthroughs that no American president before him had been able to pull off. But his masterly deals have already been forgotten, as he also publicly exposed – and personally intensified - the unspoken civil war between the much-divided American people.

Biden managed to be brave enough to raise the white flag, and officially declare the defeat of the world’s most powerful army equipped with the world’s most sophisticated weapons, by primitive tribesmen carrying simple and outdated weapons. In doing so, he has saved the American taxpayer another trillion of dollars which was destined to be squandered on achieving more of absolutely nothing.

With the withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden has created a fighting chance that America’s tax money will finally be used to serve the taxpayers and not the war industry.

However, Biden is still far from pacifying the 350 year-old civil war that continues to divide America. The war of the greedy, privileged elite against the put-upon working classes.

But it’s a huge step forward that he’s bringing home all the soldiers so they won’t be killing, robbing, raping, torturing or just disturbing a poor people in a far-away country. It’s also a step in the right direction to temper the culture of violence that is brought home by too many soldiers understandably burdened by undesirable combat behaviors and severe mental disorders.

The soldiers will of course not come back to a hero’s welcome, though on a personal level they definitely deserve applause for being ready to risk their lives for no real reason. From now on they will become good citizens who truly contribute to the society to which they belong, instead of damaging a society that they have nothing to do with. This is a huge change for the good, with full credit for it going to Biden’s brave decision.

It’s time for America to enforce peace, safety and real democracy inside its own country, before aiming to export those values without having them firmly established at home. The American tribes should be united before attempting to do the same with the Afghans.

It's time to address the American Civil Wars. The war between Democrats and Republicans; the war between the unjust beneficiaries of tax money and those who work so hard to pay taxes; the war between the fat bureaucrats and the hungry working classes; the war between the 1% and the 99%; the war between those seeking fair elections with transparency, voter identification, built-in audit trail, and those who want to keep the election process obscured and so vulnerable in the dark.

It’s time to fight and win the war for democracy and fair taxation against BigTech that is currently winning the war against democracy, against freedom of speech, and against freedom of the press.

It’s time to try to get even a semblance of balance between the limitless greed of those who enjoy the Fed’s endless money-printing and the long-suffering working classes who have to fight every day to earn just enough just to pay their monthly bills and credit charges.

Courtesy of the credit system that prints endless money, America has never been freed from slavery. It has just changed its format, and enslaved the working and service classes regardless of their skin color. Modern slavery in America allows a small elite to print as much money as they want, to lend to the working classes and the servants, who then feel like they are not slaves but in practice are enslaved all their lives to pay back the credit and bills ….. to the privileged few who can print infinite money.

Biden deserves the Nobel Peace Prize for the withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Condemnation of America's defeat in Afghanistan is unjustly directed against Biden. Biden did not preside over the loss of the Afghanistan war. He put an end to it.

For this move the Biden Administration deserves the Nobel Peace Prize from the world, and heartfelt thanks from taxpayers in America, especially from mothers who will not have to send their kids to be killed or injured or to lose their humanity in a far, far-away country, for simply nothing.

The images of America's escape from Afghanistan may be more embarrassing than the images of America’s escape from Iraq or Vietnam. After all nowadays it’s the selfies generation. But a selfie of an escape is better than a selfie of a coffin.

There’s a well-known rule that when you're almost buried in the hole, it's time to stop digging. And that exactly is what Biden has done successfully. He ordered the American army to stop digging their own graves in Afghanistan and called them back to help fix broken America first.

For this Biden deserves respect. He has delivered what none of the other three Presidents delivered over the past 20 years.

If this wisdom continues, and Biden concentrates all efforts from now on on rehabilitating the bankruptcy of the health care system, the education system, the law enforcement system, the economy and the problems of poverty and class gaps in America, he will be the most important president America has ever had.

If he shoulders his responsibility to rehabilitate broken America, and does not resort to the usual trick of diverting attention by sending American’s best young people to fight and die in places far, far-away - places where America has no interest and no right to intervene anyway - he will be remembered as a true leader, not just another war-industry puppet.

What an American President needs to do is to care about the American people, not the Afghans, the Iraqis, or the Vietnamese. There are clear and serious challenges to deal with at home, without engaging in stupid, unwinnable and immoral wars overseas.

1. The success of the Chinese economy and their science and tech supremacy needs to be addressed by investment in American education, innovation and infrastructure, instead of by wasting so much effort to destabilize China. China’s success in elevating 100% of its population out of poverty should inspire, not frustrate. It would be nice to see the country with the most homeless and prisoners per capita look less like the Third World, as America really looks behind its faked-up image of prosperity and stability.

It is pathetic to see how America is shocked by the events on Capitol Hill, as if it was not exactly the same America which supported an identical civilian attack on the Democratic House of Representatives in Hong Kong, with exactly the same excuses. And, before America supported the terrorism there, Hong Kong really was a free country, much more so than the USA, Canada and Australia combined.

2. Russia is understandably implementing the survival tactics necessary to support its embattled population, despite the international sanctions against its people and economy. What an American President who cares about the American people needs to do is to address the Russian issues by recognizing that each country and society needs a different system of government at each stage of its evolution, in order to develop a stable society and a healthy economy that will eventually lead to capitalism and democratization anyway.

Such a President needs to be mature enough to understand that every country in which America is influencing internal politics not only has the right but the obligation to intervene reciprocally on the foreign political system that is interfering with its internal affairs.

3. The way to deal with the Iranian and North Korean nuclear programs is to provide their leaders with real assurances that they will not end their lives as did the one leader who was stupid enough to trust the West and give up his nuclear program: Gaddafi. He paid for his mis-placed trust with his life, and his country paid for this mistake with all the wealth and stability they had.

4. Regarding the War on Terror, an enlightened US President should take heed of the wisdom acquired by Nelson Mandela, who had experience on both sides of the terror divide. The most effective way to fight terrorism is to avoid pushing more and more people into a corner where their only way to get out is by terrorism. The mechanism that produces more and more victims is not really a war on terror, but rather expands the circles of people who seek revenge and those who no longer have anything to lose.

5. An American president who cares about the American people needs to start building a real democracy in USA. In its first two hundred years, America did not even try to be a democracy, and neither can the hundred and fifty years after be considered a real democracy. Democracy is self-government by the people, not dictatorship by arrogant BigTech, soulless corporates, venal bankers and mercenary lobbyists.

The American President needs to understand that America has lost the world’s trust because of its hypocrisy. For example, it is hard to empathize with Western condemnation of Alexei Navalny’s arrest in Russia for "spreading lies", while Edward Snowden and Julian Assange are being hunted by the Western legal system (a system which in truth has nothing to do with justice) for being guilty of the heinous crime of … spreading the truth.

The 100% losing record of the three American wars from Vietnam to Afghanistan is an opportunity to begin building the democracy that does not really exist in the United States, before pretending to force democracy via corrupt puppet leadership onto countries where the society is not yet ready for democracy. America is ready for democracy. It’s time to start building it in America first.

America needs to start working on solving the serious internal problems it has, long before it trys to sell to others democracy solutions that America does not have even for itself.

The world needs a strong and safe America.
Investing in destroying others will not help to stop the collapse of the American Empire.

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E.B 2 year ago
I do understand the criticism, and the frustration.

The way the Americans run away from Afghanistan is full of mistakes, obviously. But Nobel Peace Prize is about the big picture not the small details. It’s about the peace he made, not the difficulties and failures he had on the way to make the world a better place.

Do not forget: the leader ordered the army to come back home. It’s the army’s job to do it safe.
ME 2 year ago
Is this article a joke? Or just CCP propaganda? Biden deserves to be prosecuted for his callous sacrifice of US and Afghan civilians by his unmanaged and ill-advised surrender in Astan. That he admitted in an interview that the chaos and loss of life was "factored in" to his decision shows how either corrupt or incompetent he is. Biden has just made the whole world unsafe except for the CCP that will exploit it to further end peace and freedom in the world as we know it.
Stephen Baker 2 year ago
10-15k US Citizens still in Afghanistan, no guarantees of safety getting to the airport, and if they get lucky to make it safely to the airport the state department are making them sign a document that they will pay up to $2000. Desperate human beings are clinging to and falling off of aircraft as they take off. The Taliban are going door to door finding anyone who helped us there and hanging them. Please explain to me the thought process ends from this massive, inexcusable failure in leadership at the highest level of the Commander in Chief grinds it way into a Nobel Peace Prize. At lease one that does not involve a flavor-aid laced with cyanide line in Jonestown Guyana.
Sid 2 year ago
Well said and very true


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