Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

Warnings of low pressure systems and strong waves issued until Monday

Warnings of low pressure systems and strong waves issued until Monday

The warnings are extended until Monday, May 17, due to low pressure systems and waves that will reach 1.51 to 2.12 meters. Rains and winds are expected.
The National Civil Protection System ( Sinaproc ) issued warning notices for low pressure systems, strong waves and high tides in Panama.

The warning, which runs until Monday, May 17, is due to the low pressure systems over the North Caribbean sector of Colombia and the West Pacific of Costa Rica, for which rains and winds are expected.

Likewise, due to waves of 1.51 to 2.12 meters, with frequencies of 16 to 20 seconds in the Pacific, also until Monday, May 17.

In addition, for this Saturday moderate to very high maximum rates of ultraviolet radiation (3-10) are expected throughout the country, being the moderate ones in the eastern half of the isthmus.

Given these warnings, Sinaproc asks to comply with the following recommendations:

- Avoid doing activities in coastal areas.
- In case of sailing in light boats, make sure you have personal flotation devices and communication radio in good condition.
- Those who live near coastal areas, be aware of the waves that can endanger their lives and cause floods.

Sinaproc urges the population to stay informed through official sources of any event that may be registered and to take preventive measures.

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