Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Las condiciones del tiempo irán empeorando en el país

Warnings issued for the passage of IOTA through the Caribbean Sea

The Electric Transmission Company, SA issued warning notices for adverse effects during IOTA's passage through the Caribbean Sea.
According to the Etesa meteorologist, Emmanuel Vásquez, the weather conditions will worsen in the country.

The authorities warned that from today until November 17, winds of 10 km/h up to 45 km/h and choppy seas of up to 2 meters are expected in the Gulf of Chiriquí, southern Veraguas and Los Santos; while in the Gulf and Bay of Panama, winds of 15 km/h to 40 km/h are expected and the waves reach 2 meters in height.

These events generate a high probability of floods, landslides, river flooding and falling trees; as well as accumulated rains of up to 350 mm, according to the entity.

Earlier, the National Civil Protection System issued a warning for prevention of high tides in the Panamanian Pacific from this Friday the 13th to November 19.

The population is recommended to follow the regulations of the authorities:

- Be in agreement with the updates of the meteorological warnings and bulletins that the Directorate of Hydrometeorology issues on the weather conditions.

- Take precautionary measures and reminds them that under bad weather conditions there may be flooding of tributaries or streams, gusts of winds, frequent or occasional electrical activity.

- Areas where rainfall continues to "saturate the soil with water" run the risk of landslides / landslides.

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