Wednesday, Dec 01, 2021

Warning of rains and flooded streets this Saturday due to the passage of Tropical Wave #42

Warning of rains and flooded streets this Saturday due to the passage of Tropical Wave #42

The tropical wave will interact with a low pressure system and the Intertropical Convergence Zone. The rains could generate flooding of streets.
The National Civil Protection System of Panama ( Sinaproc ) issued a watchdog warning for rains and storms until Saturday, October 16, due to the displacement of tropical wave # 42 of the season.

This tropical wave will be interacting with the Intertropical Convergence Zone and a low pressure system.

According to meteorological reports from ETESA's Hydrometeorology, the saturation of soils is expected, increasing the probability, the increase in the levels of streams and rivers, flooded streets and saturation of the sewers, as well as sudden floods of rivers.

The accumulated maximum rainfall in the sectors of the Pacific slope is also expected to range from 25 to 75 liters of water per square meter.

Sinaproc explained that these are typical rains of the season and recommended that the population follow the rules of the authorities and rescuers in general:

- To be pending in the updates of the notices and meteorological bulletins that the Direction of Hydrometeorology emits of the states of the weather.
- Avoid carrying out any activity outdoors, in the presence of electrical activity.
- Take precautionary measures and reminds them that under bad weather conditions there may be flooding of tributaries or streams, gusts of winds, frequent or occasional electrical activity.
- Do not drive at high speeds.

According to the Directorate of Hydrometeorology of the Electric Transmission Company (Etesa), SA, the consecutive passage of tropical waves is expected, which will be interacting with the low pressure systems in this region.

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