Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Varios jóvenes en una azotea disfrutaban de una fiesta con piscina y bebidas alcohólicas

'Vigilant Neighbors program' expanded to bring down meetings and parties during quarantine

The regional director of Metropolitan Health, Israel Cedeño reported that they are working with the community, expanding the Vigilant Neighbors program towards COVID-19.
This, with the aim that the population is pending with those positive patients with the virus and the other citizens, to prevent them from holding meetings, parties or other activities which breaking the quarantine rule.

Likewise, members of the program will be looking after for the neighbors to receive social aid benefits so that they can stay home, the regional director said in a statement.

We know that the Panamanians in any part of the country are in solidarity, collaborate with the health authorities and are dependent on their neighbors, said Cedeño.

Regarding the virus, Cedeño explained that the virus is highly contagious, therefore the work being done by the health authorities, regional leaders and the general population is vital.

He stressed that it is necessary to continue with the measures and the way to do it depends on self-care, not leaving the house, doing it using a mask and doing it strictly when necessary and appropriately.

Cedeño mentioned that the strategies against COVID-19 have been strengthened and other people have been included in the traceability, such as mixed patrols, house by house, not only to bring food and medicine to the patients we already know and their families, we are also doing verification that they stay at home, because unfortunately still a small portion of the population despite knowing to be infected, continue to leave their homes.

We are strengthening the community work, not only in the active search for cases, but also cleaning of common areas, health promotion, so a teamwork that we continue to expand that positive effect that this strategy is bringing, pointed out Dr. Cedeño.

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