Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

La fase 2 de inmunización contra COVID-19 en Panamá iniciará el próximo jueves 4 de marzo

Vaccination plan against COVID-19 will be developed by provinces and circuits

The Government of Panama detailed how the vaccine against COVID-19 will be applied in the following phases of the PanavaC-19 plan.

Vaccination will be carried out in educational establishments by provinces and circuits, according to the prioritization made by the Epidemiology Directorate of the Ministry of Health in each phase, taking into account the percentage of deaths and active cases.

Phase 2 of vaccination, which includes adults over 60 years of age, will begin next Thursday, March 4, with the 8-6 circuit, San Miguelito, for having the highest mortality rate; followed by 8-8; 8-10; 8-7; 8-9; and 8-4, respectively.

Order of the following provinces and circuits for Phase 2:

For San Miguelito, 19 centers with 94 vaccination tables were established for the 9 townships.


Luis Oliva, administrator of the Government Innovation Authority (AIG), explained that all those people in the 8-6 circuit, who registered in the vaccination portal, will receive an email indicating the center, the date and the time you will receive your vaccination. They ask to be punctual.

To verify where you should be vaccinated, you can enter the Vaccines menu of the Panama Solidario page, and click on the VERIFICATE section where you will be asked for identification number and date of birth.

Likewise, it can be verified in ROSA menu 5, or call Line 177, which will be activated from next Tuesday, March 2.

The vaccination centers coincide with the voting centers in the elections.


Once it is verified, you will arrive at the vaccination center on the date that corresponds to you and will be attended by a counselor who will take you to one of the rooms where the vaccination tables are located. A traceability officer will ask for your identity card, read it on a device, update the vaccinometer and fill in the information within Panama Digital.

After this, you will go to a nurse to be vaccinated; later in time you will have to wait a certain time in case you have any type of allergic reaction and then you can withdraw it.

The Panama Digital platform will issue a vaccination card that will detail the batch, place, date and manufacturer of the vaccine that was applied and the date on which the second dose will correspond.

A total of 500 thousand people have registered to be vaccinated. Of that total, 168 thousand have some chronic disease, of which 109 thousand have been found in the public health system.

To date, more than 92 thousand people have been immunized against the coronavirus in Panama.

Captain 47 days ago
Well oh ya I have been vaccinated and have more than two cells still working as have now over 200 million others. So far so good and no , Bill Gates hasn’t switched on my chip yet. The only thing I worry about is you breeding a mutant strain through non vaccination and ruining all the good work. Incidentally in my 80+ years I have had many many vaccinations in my life time with not any side effects. You Sir are a bloody idiot.
Oh ya 47 days ago
Cant believe anyone with at least 2 working brain cells would sign up to have a experimental biological agent injected into their bodies as we know the Pfizer product in not a true vaccine. But hay fill your socks.
BB 47 days ago
Seems to work with my passport number as I don’t have a Cedula - at least it came back and said that I don’t have an appointment. Hope it is really working


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