Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Vaccination ends in circuit 8-4, 60% of registered people vaccinated

Vaccination ends in circuit 8-4, 60% of registered people vaccinated

Of 15,245 adults older than 60 years, pregnant women and teachers registered in the 8-4 circuit, more than 9,000 people were vaccinated.

The Ministry of Health of Panama (Minsa) indicated this Friday afternoon that the vaccination process in the 8-4 circuit ended and took place in order, applying more than 9,000 doses of the vaccine against COVID-19, which covers a 60% of the population contemplated in the placement of this first dose.

Dr. Carlos Batista, director of the Eastern Health Region of the Minsa, during a surveillance and control tour carried out this Friday in different vaccination centers in the Chepo district, confirmed the data.

"We have reached 60% coverage of the population stipulated for this day, the strategy we have used to vaccinate the population aged 16 and over in places of difficult access has been a success, the young people have heeded the call to Vaccination ”, indicated Batista.

Previously, the Minsa indicated that for the day of the vaccine against COVID-19 in circuit 8-4 it was expected to apply the first dose to some 15,245 among adults over 60 years old, pregnant women certified by their doctor and teachers who work in this sector .

The entire population over 16 years of age vaccinated in Balboa

It should be noted that the East Panama Region includes districts of Chepo, Chimán, Taboga and Balboa, where in the latter the sweeping was applied and the entire population over 16 years old was vaccinated, and will be returned when the second doses are to be applied of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Regarding the district of Balboa, it should be noted that it entirely encompasses the archipelago of Las Perlas, located on the center of the Gulf of Panama.

This vaccination day was supported by the National Border Service (Senafront), the mayors and local authorities, who together made this first vaccination day possible, Batista said.

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So the article is saying that at least 40 %of the people have at least 2 working brain cells. Good for them. The other 60 %... oh well


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