Tuesday, Apr 13, 2021

Vaccination day for people over 60 years old in the 8-8 circuit will begin on March 9

Vaccination day for people over 60 years old in the 8-8 circuit will begin on March 9

Authorities from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) confirmed that the vaccination day for people over 60 years old, in the 8-8 circuit, will begin next Tuesday, March 9, 2021.
Staff and volunteers from Operation Panavac-19 in various centers enabled in circuit 8-8, are prepared to receive adults over 60 years of age during the massive day of application of the vaccine against COVID-19 , which will begin next Tuesday 9 of March.

"We are prepared to receive 55 thousand older adults, we are doing the verification of that electoral roll, so that none of the older adults is left out in this important process," confirmed Dr. Ana Lorena Chang, Head of Health Public of the Metropolitan Health Region during the trials preparations for mass vaccination.

Chang explained that the test carried out this Saturday is in order to verify all the previous plans, the effectiveness in the operation and if a detail as such must be corrected, then it is carried out.

In circuit 8-8, 14 places were set up as vaccination centers distributed as follows: in the Juan Díaz district there are 5 sites, Don Bosco district 2, in Río Abajo 2, Parque Lefevre 3.

He added that during the vaccination day in the 8-8 circuit in the health centers, the vaccine will not be administered, only to people who are disabled with mobility impairment.

They recommend "to adults over 60 years of age who will attend to apply the vaccine that they should have breakfast, hydrated, with loose and comfortable clothes, to take some medicine to be given to avoid developing some type of glycemia."

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