Thursday, May 13, 2021

Vaccination: a crime against the country

Vaccination: a crime against the country

Rodrigo Noriega
A few hours after the 1989 invasion began, I saw how my neighbors and acquaintances became thieves. They went to loot Vía España, Vía Brasil and whatever street, sidewalk or road they found.
I remember a neighbor who was carrying boxes of Italian shoes and shouting at the top of her voice that such shop was open. Others responded that there was more merchandise in stores with names and addresses. That's how Panama began the democratic era.

The issue of vaccines, against covid+19">Covid 19, is a global exercise in economics, ethics and geopolitics. A part of the economy has to do with the allocation of scarce resources to cover infinite needs. Depending on the school in which it was studied or the ideology that is dressed, this will be the distribution criterion.

Another thing is ethics, in the Kantian, the distribution of vaccines would be done to serve the people most necessary to achieve the greatest benefits for society. In the end, the exercise becomes utilitarian gibberish, when you have to decide between a firefighter and a nurse, between the pulmonologist and the intensivist, or between the boss or the employee.

Panamanians are the wolves of Panamanians. We had everything to have managed the pandemic like the Uruguayans or the New Zealanders. We had the resources and the ability to beat the pandemic, and we got away with the Modular Hospital live game, the masks, the ventilators, and the extracurricular gatherings. Citizen confidence collapsed and we were left in the hands of "for himself who can."

The hooligans and hooded fools who slipped into the priority list for the vaccine, committed a crime of embezzlement and high treason. Because of their damn play alive, they will have to be vaccinated again, with the second dose in four weeks. They became serial killers of whom we needed to get vaccinated. Perhaps the best punishment is to put these people to really attend to coronavirus cases, even if it is sitting on a stool, in an intensive care room.

The disgusting exercise of bureaucratic live game is just the cherry on the cake of vaccinations. The developed countries monopolized the vaccine orders from the main pharmaceutical houses, and despite this they backfired. For technical reasons, which hide geopolitical motivations, we are not going to import the vaccines from Russia, China or India. We will wait sitting down until in February they fulfill a contract that nobody knows about, and that apparently has already been breached.

Among all, the only good news, like vaccines, comes from outside. The newly released president of the United States Joe Biden has already signed the decree that returns his country to the World Health Organization. In passing, the United States acquires the obligation to share vaccines with the rest of the world. Biden's plan is for its pharmaceutical companies to work under defense production regulation, which would force them to produce much more, and if necessary to share their intellectual property with other companies to achieve the goal. Hopefully they also invent the vaccine against selfishness and responsibility, since we need an overdose of that drug.

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