Friday, Feb 26, 2021

Use of a mask and respect for the social bubble, essential in public places, says Israel Cedeño

Use of a mask and respect for the social bubble, essential in public places, says Israel Cedeño

When going to recreational places such as the coastal strip, the Amador causeway or the Omar park, it is important to remember the correct use of the mask and respect the social distancing.
This was reiterated this Sunday, September 20, by the director of the metropolitan health region, Israel Cedeño, consulted about the large number of people that were seen on Saturday in the Amador area.

Cedeño said that it was already known that this would happen, after the lifting of mobility restrictions by gender.

However, he indicated that he is betting on the responsibility of the population and health discipline. And in those places there must be a physical distance of two meters from the other bubbles, he emphasized.

He added that if the distancing cannot be guaranteed, the proper use of the mask must be guaranteed. The official clarified that the mask does not replace social distancing, but it does reduce the possibility of contagion from Covid-19.

Cedeño commented that he himself was on Saturday on the Amador road, where in social networks it was reported that there were a large number of people. He explained that, according to what he saw, they all had their masks and that's the important thing.

We have to return to the new normal, but we must do so responsibly, he said.

On the other hand, the metropolitan regional director of Health remarked that although the incidence of the coronavirus remains stable in some places, and in others it is dropping, we must not lower our guard. At the slightest carelessness we can get infected, he warned.

Cedeño's statements were made this Sunday during a traceability operation in Las Garzas de Pacora, where there are 46 active cases of the new coronavirus.

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