Sunday, Sep 25, 2022

Unprofa president will present an appeal to the Third Chamber of the CSJ

Orlando Pérez, president of @unprofa informs that they will present an appeal to the Third Chamber of the CSJ, so that the decree and resolution, which establishes a 30% discount on 170 medications, be suspended. It is not favorable, they stand out.
Pérez, in the company of lawyers, representing some 450 businesses that make up the group and employ 5,000 collaborators, explained that through this appeal he requests that the effects of Decree No. 17 and Resolution 82 be suspended, due to unconsultation and arbitrary.

On August 10, President Laurentino Cortizo signed the Executive Decree that forced pharmacies to reduce the price of medicines by 30%, to address the population's claims for the high price of drugs. The norm regulates 159 drug molecules, in which up to 12 different brands of ibuprofen, andolipine, among others, can be found.

90% of drug manufacturing laboratories have shown indifference to the request of pharmacies to make a 30% discount on existing inventory prior to the implementation of Executive Decree No. 17, denounced the association of pharmacies.

Pérez, president of Unprofa, explained that the process is being "very slow" so that manufacturing laboratories recognize the 30% discount to distributors, and these in turn to pharmacies.

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