Sunday, Feb 28, 2021

Two people are arrested for transporting drugs on the roof of a vehicle in Paso Canoas

The Public Ministry of Panama reported this Saturday, January 23, on the arrest of a man and a woman, who were transporting drugs in a vehicle with a specially modified roof in the Paso Canoas sector, Chiriquí province.
In the search of the vehicle, 70 packages of drugs and 400 balboas in cash were found.

The National Border Service (Senafront) reported that the apprehended also carried two falsified documents from the Ministry of Health (Minsa) and transported biosafety material as a facade to circumvent the different checkpoints and sanitary fences through their trajectory, but the trained units detected the irregularity.

In the vehicle, an identification card of a Community Board of the country owned by one of the allegedly involved in this case was also found.

The detainees, the licenses, the vehicle, the money and the seized drugs were placed under the orders of the competent authorities.

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