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Two men shot dead in La Chorrera

Two men shot dead in La Chorrera

The murders in La Chorrera occurred two hours apart and both men were approached by gunmen in the middle of the night.
On Monday night, the district of La Chorrera in the province of Panamá Oeste was disturbed by the execution of two men by gunmen.

The first homicide took place in the Las Mañanitas sector, Altos de San Francisco, when at around 7:00 pm a subject was killed in the middle of the street by several shots, which drew the attention of the residents of the sector, who found the man lying on the pavement.

Two hours later and while the authorities were lifting the first body, another murder occurred in the Los Chorritos de La Chorrera sector, in which the executors arrived at the residence of their victim who they found lying in a hammock and without saying a word. They delivered several bullet wounds, leaving him lifeless at the scene.

It should be noted that in La Chorrera no murders had been recorded since March 24, in view of the fact that the last homicide occurred in Altos de San Francisco.

After these events, the National Police activated a strong operation in this district.

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