Saturday, Mar 06, 2021

El deslizamiento de tierra ocurrió en el sector de Villa María

Two dead after a landslide in Villa Maria

A landslide occurred on Tuesday in a residence in Villa Maria, Corredor De Los Pobres, resulting in two fatalities.
Captain Angel Delgado, from the Panamanian Fire Department, explained on RPC Radio that the incident occurred around 6:30 am in Torrijos Carter area, leaving five people trapped inside the house.

Immediately rescue units proceeded to carry out the work to rescue the people with the support of the community. Unfortunately, two of the trapped people were inside the house were found without vital signs.

The other three people who are minors remain stable and will be transferred to a medical center.

Delgado added that there are also approximately seven houses affected directly and indirectly, so measures were taken to protect people, and units of the National Police cordoned off the area.

While the rescue team were carrying out the work in the area, a second collapse occurred, due to an emanating water tank. The Institute of National Aqueducts and Sewers are expected close the water so the rescue work can continue, said second Lieutenant Ricardo Perez.

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