Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Trump’s & Biden’s Americas have almost nothing in common, tensions unseen since the Civil War

Trump’s & Biden’s Americas have almost nothing in common, tensions unseen since the Civil War

The indecisive preliminary result of the US presidential election and the expectation that its outcome may be decided in court clearly show how divided the country is. The American society is a broken one. The tensions over there have not been as high, maybe, since the Civil War more than a 150 years ago.
You have Biden’s America and Trump’s America, and they have almost nothing in common.

No clear victor emerged on election day, and it may take days before all ballots are tallied in a handful of battleground states. The incumbent president has already declared himself a winner and said he would have the US Supreme Court counter alleged “fraud” during the count. The Biden campaign called it “a naked effort” to steal the election by defrauding early voters and said its candidate would eventually win.

Oh ya 182 days ago
And thats true. Love him or hate should make no difference as Trump is trying to do the country right. Biden has said he will raise your taxes, open the border and flood the country that will take jobs away from Americans. Lots of Americans have no idea how close the US is to having the economy collapse. You say your the greatest country in the world yet you have to sell bonds to poorer countries to make ends meet. If those who voted for biden think socialism is so great they should test drive china or korea and see how they luke it. The US government is printing money hand iver fist and it will end in tears. If printing money worked Venezuela and Zimbabwe who be grart places but they are not, there chitholes with people starving. If Biden wins this i feel sorry for everyone living in the States


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