Thursday, Aug 18, 2022

TRAPPED in Panama and Can't Get Home- July Protests: Our Experience, Tips, & Current Situation

This is one of those "unexpected" videos....I'll discuss our experiences with the protests that are gripping Panama right now, why the protests are happening, some things you should do and shouldn't do, and what the current situation is. Sorry about the audio- the balcony is surrounded by stone and glass.

InTheKnowing 31 days ago
This type of journalism is over done. It's true there are several problems citizens are angry, concerned and worried about. How that information is delivered does make a difference to understand why it exists and possibly how to mitigate to some extent. To insinuate these problems are likely unique to Panama is unreasonable conveying a sense the country is falling apart... it is not. Many countries are suffering with these same issues, it's a global problem. Sensationalized journalism is a detriment, especially with the header "Trapped" which is simply untrue; 'difficult' may have been better. The worse from this article's drama is how tourists will view it and perhaps change their travel plans, and now we will have bigger problems.
Debra 31 days ago
The queen of crap is at it again.
Jackie 31 days ago
Sensationalizes everything! Can't believe anything she says.


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