Monday, Sep 27, 2021

Tokyo 2020: Alonso Edward suffered a muscle injury

Tokyo 2020: Alonso Edward suffered a muscle injury

The Panamanian sprinter suffered a possible injury that did not allow him to finish the 200 m in the Tokyo 2020 semifinal.

Panamanian sprinter Alonso Edward remained in the semifinals of the 200m sprint at Tokyo 2020.

Edward ended his participation in his third Olympics in a way that no athlete would like. The Olympic Committee of Panama reported that it could not finish the race due to an apparent muscle injury and is awaiting an evaluation from the medical team.

Edward winced and had to stop his run when the course was frantic in search of time to advance to the final.

The final of the 200 meters of Tokyo 2020 will take place this Wednesday at 7:50 a.m., Panamanian time (9:50 p.m. Tokyo).

At the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games, Alonso Edward reached the final but after the race he declared that he suffered a strain in the previous warm-up.


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