Thursday, Mar 04, 2021

Lanzan iniciativa #TodoPanamá, un programa para dar respuestas a los efectos de la pandemia

#TodoPanamá initiative launched; a program to respond to the effects of the pandemic

Representatives of business unions, civic clubs, non-governmental organizations and civil society in general launched this Tuesday, August 4, the # TodoPanamá movement, which aims to control the spread of the new coronavirus and reduce fatality levels.
One of the main objectives of the initiative is to reduce the pressure on health systems by working on the early care of Covid-19 positive patients.

Jorge Juan De La Guardia, former president of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture and one of the movement's spokesmen, pointed out that it aims to reduce the number of patients who get complicated and end up in hospitals, attack the virus from the houses with early attention.

If we wait for the patient to arrive at the hospital, we are losing the battle, he said in a virtual conference.

In addition to early health care, affected families will be helped to cover their basic needs with bags of food and other supplies so that they are not forced to leave home to find their livelihood.

Ernesto Arias, the program's food distribution coordinator, said that bags of food are being delivered to patients in a pilot plan and that this plan is helping to find out what other needs families have.

The intention is that positive patients can have everything they need from their homes to pass the period of isolation, he said.

The third axis of the movement consists of an outreach campaign with the slogan 'the virus is stopped by you', a message that seeks to educate citizens and at the same time empower them in the battle against the pandemic.

The program has already begun in Juan Díaz and other highly contagious townships have been identified, such as December 24, Mañanitas and Tocumen, where the initiative is expected to be replicated.

The # TodoPanamá movement is a comprehensive, multisectoral and multidimensional plan, which is aimed at taking actions to curb the virus and at the same time mitigate the crisis the country is experiencing.

This initiative is apolitical, civic and union, seeking in a coordinated and solidary way to manage a comprehensive plan to face the consequences of Covid-19.

This action plan has the support of private companies, civic clubs, the media, among other sectors of society.

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