Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

To trust the vaccine or not?

To trust the vaccine or not?

The answer is so obvious that no one should challenge it: every person must take the vaccine as soon as the government genuinely approves that it’s effective. But how do we know if the approval is genuine or not? Very simple.

Every government that automatically allows vaccinated tourists to come into the country without any restrictions, and allows vaccinated business owners and customers to be come back as usual without any restrictions, genuinely believes and knows that the vaccine is really effective. 

And if that is the case, no one should be allowed to avoid taking it. 

That’s what is called in democracy a social contract: the two sides of give and take.

But if the lockdown, quarantine, restrictions and closed borders continue even for vaccinated people, there is simply no reason to trust a commercially-motivated vaccine that even your government does not trust.

The public should be motivated to take the vaccine because of its real effects,  rather than being fooled by fake PR tricks that sell illusions. 

Remember that not so long ago your government was endorsing cigarettes as a magical treat instead of as a deadly poison:


Oh ya 83 days ago
So they show 3 guy that have lied their butts off and expect you to believe them, do your own homework on the vax before you allow that in your body. Not just the lying MSM propaganda. For example the mRNA vax alters your DNA and this type of vaccine has never been used on humans before, thus you are the lab rat. And what is sad i have friends that will get it just because theyvare told they should have it, without question. Many people are sheeple


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