Wednesday, Feb 24, 2021

A dos de los sospechosos se les dictó la medida de detención provisional

Three people are charged with smuggling of migrants

The Public Ministry reported this Friday that, in two different cases, the apprehension of three people, who were charged with the crime of smuggling of migrants.
It details that in one of the cases a precautionary measure for the arrest of one of the persons was issued and the other was granted the measure of house arrest, due to the fact recorded in the Chepo district where these persons were transporting 6 Haitian citizens in a taxi vehicle.

While the other case corresponds to a person who was apprehended for the transport of 7 Haitian citizens, including 5 minors, who were on board a taxi in the Chepo district and were surprised by Units of the National Border Service ( Senafront) that made them available to the competent authorities. The suspect was ordered to provisionally arrest one person.

The entity reported that these people were apprehended on Tuesday, November 24, 2020, with the coordination of Senafront units.

Oh ya 88 days ago
Send the illegals back and about 30 years for the smugglers should just about do it.


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