Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Plazo para retirar las cédulas vence el 30 de octubre

This Friday is the deadline to collect the IDs requested online between April and May

The deadline to withdraw personal identity cards, which were requested from April to May 31 of the current year through the online system, is this Friday, October 30.
The Electoral Tribunal (TE) informs that these cards were granted by the institution free of charge for an approximate period of two months, and if they are not withdrawn within the indicated period, they will be canceled.

On the other hand, the alternate magistrate and National Director of Cedulation, Gilberto Estrada De Icaza, announced that the deadline to withdraw the documents processed from June 1 to the beginning of October will expire on November 30

He added that in the same way, if they are not collected, they will be destroyed, while explaining that the documents were requested through the website and they have a production cost.

"If the person does not appear to make the respective payment, the identity card will be canceled and destroyed, with the corresponding surcharge for the next request that he or she makes," he said.

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