Wednesday, Apr 14, 2021

This Easy Styling Trick Will Up Your Earrings Game

This Easy Styling Trick Will Up Your Earrings Game

Ears are getting a lot of play in this new, shoulders-up world. The concept of wearing multiple earrings in one ear, or trying out a climber earring isn’t very new, but it feels fresh to lean into the style when most people can only see your head and shoulders.

But the perfect pairing can be hard to exact. “You want multiple pieces of jewelry going up the lobe/cartilage to relate to each other, making the curation look deliberate and cohesive,” says worldwide piercing expert and jeweler Maria Tash. “The jewelry pieces themselves should relate to each other with a theme, or matching stone colors, so the eye smoothly travels up the ear looking at the multiple elements.”

Jeweler Melissa Kaye agrees with Tash: “You want the earrings to work in harmony and complement one can mix styles, colors and sizes or you can repeat the same style in multiple sizes for a more uniform look.”

Whether you’re drawn to hoops, studs, mixed-and-matched singles, or a variance of all kinds of earrings, curating your earlobes is a fun styling trick to amplify your look. Here are some of our suggestions for double earrings and climbers.

More the Merrier Metals

Keeping hoops in the same color of metal will help with uniformity, and a graduation of sizing will help the eye travel up the ear seamlessly.

Simplified Sparkle

When wearing fine stone ear climbers, it’s best to balance out with a simple stud.

Hidden Gems

Some studs create an optical illusion of more piercings or earring threading. Long lines and unembellished metals make these easy to pair together.

Well-Placed Pearls

Another practice of balance: putting a big ear spear with a pearl touch in your first piercing (the one closest to your face) can compliment and modernise a more classic stud placed further up the lobe or cartilage.

Set in Stone

For those who don’t change their earrings out often, this basic double earrings duo is the jeans and t-shirt of earring styling.


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