Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Thinking that the pandemic is over could be a time bomb, warns Sáez-Llorens

Thinking that the pandemic is over could be a time bomb, warns Sáez-Llorens

Xavier Sáez-Llorens indicated that you must have citizen awareness, take things slower and hope that the vaccination rate in the country improves.
The infectologist and researcher, Xavier Sáez-Llorens , warned this Friday that thinking that there is a triumph over the COVID-19 pandemic, by registering a low number of daily infections in Panama, could become a time bomb.

“We are all a bit intrigued by the apparent calm, the apparent low level of cases that exist in Panama, even after carnivals and Easter, but that could be a time bomb, the excessive triumphalism, to think that we are already leaving the pandemic can reverse these figures and begin to see waves that are being seen in all the countries of South America and in Europe”, said Xavier Sáez-Llorens.

He indicated that one must have citizen awareness, take things a little more calmly, hope that the rate of vaccination in the country improves, although he clarified that vaccination alone does not solve the problem, but that the measures must be continued protection until you have a good herd immunity.

mike 30 days ago
Steven Jeff: I listen to not deluded Scientists. That is why I know that this virus is harmless and the amount of dead people is 17 times too high. That is why I know that a mask does not protect against that virus.
Look at Texas. All covid19 rules are lifted. Look at Thailand . Look at China.

How can you say, that the vaccine is save to use, when every expert tells you, it needs 5 to 8 years to make one? We do not need a vaccine at all. 99% of infected people recover without any "help".
Steven Jeff 31 days ago
Mike you are deluded. How to explain all the deaths in the world to a harmless cold virus? How do you explain that in Brazil last month over 50% of the patients in ITU were less than 40 years old? Are you suggesting that you know more than the eminent scientists and doctors in the world?
mike 31 days ago
There was never a pandemic. A harmless cold virus drove the world crazy. Economic misery is now the result of completely exaggerated measures.
Stop the madness and finally tell people the truth!


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