Wednesday, Apr 21, 2021

Pruebas de vacunas contra el COVID-19

They seek to bring two more companies to Panama for COVID-19 vaccine research

The COVID-19 Vaccine Research Consortium in Panama is seeking to bring two additional companies to the country, the German CureVac against COVID-19 , for research and clinical trials.
Víctor Sánchez Urrutia, national secretary in charge of Science, Technology and Innovation, indicated that the Consortium that works together with the Government and Senacyt are in talks with two companies, they are the Chinese Clover Biopharmaceuticals and the French Sanofi.

We are talking to a company from China and another company from France with the hope of bringing large projects of phase 2 and phase 3 vaccines, said Sánchez Urrutia.

Regarding what phase of studies the two new companies that could begin studies in Panama would enter, the director of Senacyt indicated that China would be in phase 2 and we are working to see if we can be in phase 3, with the French but it is a discussion.

He stressed that Panama has been testing vaccines for more than 20 years for many important companies, and what international companies are looking for is the "quality of science in the country, remember that what is done in Panama afterwards must be validated by the Federation Food and Drug Administration (FDA for its acronym in English), European drug agencies and if they say no, that test that you did in is poorly done, then it is useless and does not work.

He reiterated that companies look for reliable places, where there is a history of clinical tests and a high ethical system, as is the case in Panama.

General Butler 172 days ago
Please stop this insanity. There is no need for a vaccine for an illness with such a minuscule infection death rate, on the order of 0.04% worldwide. Wake up folks, covid is a plandemic. Pull your heads out of the sand and face the facts. Our so-called 'elites' have been planning this Great Reset for decades and Fauci has been in on the crime ever since he was involved in AIDS. Watch this short vid from an MD who has done the research.


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