Friday, Jun 25, 2021

The sister of a former official who exposed corruption in Lottery is fired

The sister of a former official who exposed corruption in Lottery is fired

After Elvis Martínez, a former computer scientist for the National Charity Lottery of Panama, announced in the Morning Newscast of Telemetro Reports the alleged corrupt practices that are carried out in the lottery, it appeared that his sister, who also worked in this institution, was fired.
The dismissal letter sent to the sister of the former official is based on Article 300 of the Political Constitution of the Republic of Panama, which "establishes that the stability of public servants in their positions will be conditioned on their competence, loyalty and morality in the service".

In addition, the dismissal letter indicates that Article 2 of the Sole Text of Law June 9, 1994, "Regulating the Administrative Career", contains the concept of public servant of free appointment and removal, separation from office due to loss of confidence.

It should be noted that Martínez revealed in the Telemetro Newscast, after the Gordito del Zodiáco prize scandal, that alleged corrupt practices such as chance books and tickets given to deputies, pawning of books, return of tickets and chances occurred not sold after hours; among other bad practices.

In addition, the former official recommended that prosecutors conduct an audit of the machines that scan the barcodes of winning lottery tickets nationwide.

Oh ya 33 days ago
Gee sounds like someone at the top is a little nervous. Wonder why?


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