Saturday, Sep 25, 2021

"The National Police is working and our results show it", John Dornheim

"The National Police is working and our results show it", John Dornheim

The police director assured that the last registered homicides are due to conflicts between criminal groups that dispute territories.
The director of the National Policefrom Panama, John Dornheim referred to the latest murders that occurred in the country, highlighting that the entity does its job and that these attacks are due to criminal groups linked to the fight over territories and drug trafficking.

"The National Police is working and our results show it, only in August we have 170 weapons recovered in the streets," said Dornheim.

The director stressed that in carrying out his work over the weekend through a diligence, José Cossio was captured, who was wanted by the authorities. And about the homicides in a shopping center and in San Miguelito, he highlighted that these are linked to groups that fight for territories and are dedicated to the transfer of drugs.

"We have strategies aimed at countering criminal groups and seeing their origin, to work more efficiently," said the director.

Dornheim indicated that as an entity they develop preventive actions, and added that when comparing the most violent year that has occurred in Panama, which stands out was between 2009 and 2010, it is well below these figures.

The police director highlights that in Colón a sports activity was inaugurated where more than 4,000 children are integrated, and explained that the importance of this project is that it works in the future, and in this way crime is being fought.

Dornheim asked citizens to avoid sharing false messages that generate insecurity among the population through social networks.

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