Wednesday, Mar 03, 2021

El taxista se negaba a salir del vehículo.

The National Police captures a taxi driver who fled at a checkpoint

The National Police reported the capture of a taxi driver who had fled at the Llano Bonito checkpoint in his vehicle.
The taxi driver was found in the surroundings of the Juan Díaz corregimiento park.

Once the subject was detained by the police units, the vehicle was towed.

The National Director of Traffic Operations (DNOT), Commissioner Simón Henríquez, spoke about the sanction imposed on a taxi driver, who fled in the Llano Bonito sector.

In the morning the National Police was carrying out a procedure at the level of Llano Bonito where a vehicle fled, later, during the search, the same vehicle was located in the Juan Díaz park where its driver was sanctioned and the vehicle was transferred to a courtyard authorized by the Traffic Police for the corresponding procedures and to comply with the Traffic Regulations, which are the responsibility of all users of public roads, said Henríquez.

So far, the reasons why the carrier fled from this control point are unknown.

Oh ya 214 days ago
There are a few good honest drivers but lots of them are crooks. The taxi commission needs to do criminal checks before they get a taxi license


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