Friday, Feb 26, 2021

The most expensive ‘cappuccino’ in Latin America is sold in Panama

The most expensive ‘cappuccino’ in Latin America is sold in Panama

A cup of "cappuccino", a traditional drink composed of an "espresso" base and steamed foamed milk, with a pinch of cinnamon, costs $2.94 in Panama, the highest price compared to other Latin American countries, according to a poll published by Numbeo, the world's largest cost of living database.
Depending on the country, the price of a cappuccino in a restaurant can vary from $ 1.08, in Colombia; $ 1.13, in Brazil; $ 1.51, in Argentina; $ 2.00 in Mexico; $ 2.31, in Peru and $ 2.51, in Chile, records the report published this October 1, on the occasion of the celebration of international coffee day.

On a continent-wide level, Panama is the third country with the most expensive cappuccino, after Canada in second place with $ 3.19 and the United States, in first place with $ 4.26 a cup.

The study included 104 countries, among which Algeria appears as the country with the cheapest cappuccino at a global level at a cost of 52 cents a cup, while Denmark, ranked first as the country with the most expensive cappuccino cup in the world at a price of $ 5.93.

According to Numbeo, the cost of living in Denmark is 60.67% higher than in Panama. For example, rent in Denmark is, on average, 50.73% higher than in Panama.

Panama also stands out worldwide as one of the countries that produces the most valued coffee in the world.

Last year, at the specialty coffee auction, the Geisha Elida Estate Green Tip Natural Coffee, harvested in Boquete by the Lamastus family, once again stood out with a price per pound of $1,029 and this year the “Olympus Geisha Washed” reached a new record. ”From the Sophia Estate, by Willem J. Boot and Helen Russell as they were crowned with the highest price per pound: $1,300.50.

Coffee is originally from Ethiopia and was introduced to the American continent in the seventeenth century, becoming the preferred infusion in most American countries.

However, curiously, many of the terms used for the different forms of coffee come from Italy, where the technique of pressing the beans has been perfected, giving rise to "espresso" and "cappuccino", which have become popular throughout the world.

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