Sunday, Apr 18, 2021

Último presunto vinculado al robo y violación de turistas que viajaban a bordo del velero noruego Alibaba

The last one linked to theft and rape of Norwegian tourists arrested in Rio Alejandro, hearing will be this Sunday

The National Police (PN) reported on the apprehension of the last alleged implicated in the armed robbery and rape of tourists traveling aboard the Norwegian sailboat Alibaba on November 10, 2019 off the coast of Nombre de Dios, Colón.
According to the entity, the capture took place in Río Alejandro, a village of Puerto Pilón, during a procedure carried out by the National Police Intelligence Directorate (DNIP) together with the Rapid Action Group (GAR) and personnel from the Public Ministry (MP) .

The implicated along with four other people who were also apprehended allegedly related to the discovery of three firearms, are at the orders of the MP and will be brought before a Judge of Guarantees for the imputation of charges next Sunday, August 30.

That November 10, an artisanal boat with approximately eight individuals intimidated the crew with knives and firearms, raped two foreign tourists, and stole cell phones, communication equipment and laptops.

Days later, police units captured six of the allegedly implicated persons, who were issued provisional arrest for the duration of the investigation.

In this case, also a minor under 17 years of age is kept under provisional arrest.

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