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MS Satoshi, el crucero residencial de 12 pisos y 245 metros de largo

The innovative residential cruise ship MS Satoshi will arrive in Panama

At the beginning of December, the MS Satoshi will arrive in the Gulf of Panama. The 12-story, 245-meter-long residential cruise ship, with capacity for 2,020 residents, positions the country as a pioneer in adopting this innovative housing model.
The cruise ship, which is emerging as an opportunity in the midst of the current industry recession, is owned by the Ocean Builder company, a company that promotes homes in international waters.

The ship has:

- 777 rooms and suites
- Lounge rooms
- Swimming pools
- Recreation centers
- Office and research areas
- Temporary vacation rentals

The MS Satoshi will depart on November 4 from the Port of Piraeus in Athens, Greece bound for Panama; where it will remain anchored 22 kilometers from the coast and whose communication with the mainland will be through ferries. The estimated travel time between the boat and the city is 30 minutes.

The apartments will begin to be offered as of November 5, and it is expected that they will begin to be occupied in early 2021.

According to Ocean Builder, this housing project is aimed at “digital nomads”, that is, professionals who carry out their functions through the internet and remotely, including: entrepreneurs of new technologies, influencers and managers of cryptocurrencies.

"We hope to create a center for innovation here in Panama, our goal is to discover how to live sustainably at sea," said Ocean Builder COO Chad Elwartowski.

In addition, this company develops other projects in Panamanian maritime waters such as:

- Linton Bay, on the Costa de Portobelo, province of Colón
- Sea Pod floating housing complex

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