Saturday, Feb 27, 2021

El RT de COVID-19 en Panamá se ubica en 0.83

The effective reproduction number of COVID-19 in Panama stands at 0.83

The epidemiological report presented this Monday, February 15 by the Ministry of Health ( Minsa ), reflects that the effective reproductive number or Rt of COVID-19 in Panama is currently at 0.83.
“The effective and important reproductive number for this week not only see the periodicity that remained decreasing, but also the sustainability below 1 during these previous five weeks, for this week at 0.83 our country's reproduction index with a quite considerable margin, quite statistically significant,” explained Dr. Leonardo Labrador, national chief of epidemiology at the Minsa.

In relation to the regions, Labrador explained that the provinces of Darién and Bocas del Toro maintain a TR above 1; while the rest of the health regions have an effective reproductive number below 1, with a trend towards sustainability below 1.

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