Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

Ana Matilde Gómez, exprocuradora de la Nación

"The country system of Panama is in crisis", Ana Matilde Gómez

The former attorney general and former deputy Ana Matilde Gómez said that after the resignation of Eduardo Ulloa as attorney there is evidence that in Panama there is a crisis in the country system.
"We should not get used to a constitutional period of 10 years, in this case with the record of 13 months only, preventing a prosecutor from complying with that constitutional period. Many things may be happening, but what we cannot doubt is that there is an institutional crisis that does not correspond only to the Public Ministry, it would be to the country system. It is a serious mistake that the crisis is only in the Public Ministry, "said Gómez.

The former candidate for president pointed out that these situations can be compared to the "death throes" because the Panamanian political system has collapsed.

Regarding an independent commission investigating what is happening in the shelters, Gómez pointed out that this would have an advantage, but questioned that those who would appoint this commission would be part of the problem and would vitiate it.

"The crisis is serious, the situation we are experiencing is not just anything," said Gómez.

To stop this situation, the former attorney said that citizens must organize and go out to find the signatures for a constitutional process.

Gómez explains that the collapse of the system is due to the fact that the hidden forces finance political campaigns, adding that there are also those politicians who have become entrenched to benefit from the system and have done nothing to make it change.

"The change will never be able to come from those who are part of the problem, it must be those who are out of the problem who can convene with such force that those who are there have no choice but to sit down and shut up," urged the lawyer.

Gómez also pointed out that in the system we live in, corruption is a symptom and said that it must be fought with transparent investigations, accountability and actions.

"When you do not understand that as a leader, you cannot put your hand in the fire for everyone, because not everyone is aligned with the discourse that has been given, you have to have your autonomous debugging mechanisms. You cannot expect it to be the system because it could come or fall on you. You cannot expect a decision to be made in four years, when it is no longer a government and the arrest of a minister or a minister is ordered. director, because there the country system suffers more and more damage is done to it," said Gómez.

On the issue of shelters, the former deputy considers that there are very great powers behind the case and does not believe that Javier Caraballos, temporary attorney, can do much in the investigation.

Finally, Gómez indicated that once the pandemic is over, she considers that things will be different, since in her opinion youth is waking up and assured that it does not want to continue with the rot in 30 years' time.

And she advised the Electoral Tribunal that no one who occupies a political position participates or is in a party should be part of the constituent.

Oh ya 44 days ago
Sadly she is right but it is not just Panama, it is just about every goverment in the world. Look at the US for example, being lead by someone who owes his soul to China and the Ukraine because of the known payoffs he and his family have received. Plus the goverment is buying 120 billion a MONTH of bonds including junk bonds to stop the stock market from exploding. Central banks arpund the world are printing unlimited amounts of dollars which in turn makes the dollar in your pocket worth less. This is also known as inflation and is happening in every commodity you can think of. Like the old saying the system is going to hell in a handbag


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