Thursday, Feb 25, 2021

It's looking more and more inevitable that Trump will voluntarily give up running for a second term

It's looking more and more inevitable that Trump will voluntarily give up running for a second term

E. Bach
For the many Americans who consider themselves to be neither blind Republican nor fanatic Democrats, Trump's quitting will not be seen as his personal failure. It will be seen as the failure of American democracy, which, right from the outset, constantly and aggressively refused to accept the democratic election outcome and honor Trump's victory.

If the US had any chance of getting the change it desperately needed, many believed that Trump was precisely "the crazy right one" - the rebel, the outsider, the non-conformist - who could have fixed as an outsider could have what is so broken in US politics.

But the Establishment (or the "Deep State" as Trump would call it) have never given Trump - or the public - the opportunity to exercise their win nor to make changes of any lasting significance.

Trump's myriad opponents came virtually together and formed a powerful alliance comprising the mainstream media, Congress, the legal bureaucracy (the so-called "justice" system), and as foot-soldiers the millions of energetic and super-creative Democrat activists and netizens. Against this unholy and unstoppable alliance, Trump stood no chance - zero - of making any meaningful change.

His personal style and his arrogant, condescending, overwhelming self-confidence and impulsive whims, untainted by any hint of history, philosophy or any other academic depth, didn't help him to capture the hearts of the Western World or the educated classes.

He was rough, direct, and overbearing, though in all fairness finally a politician who never tried to present himself as decent or balanced. He was way too much New York, getting up too close in the face of the real America. He was a brash scrapper who could break-dance on the streets of New York but who struggled to find his feet in the refined and ruthless corridors of Washington.

Mr. Trump went to Town with the intention of draining the swamp and taming the wild life. He was target-minded and would be godless, relentless and merciless in pursuit of his goal. When mission was accomplished, he would be lauded as "The Wolf of Washington".

It was not to be. The Establishment didn't want it to be. Instead, his clumsy mis-steps and the obstacles that were placed in his way mean that Trump's Presidency will be remembered as an elephant trampling around in a porcelain shop resulting in not much more than a lot of broken inventory. (An ironically strange outcome in a political reality where corruption is completely legal and is often regarded with great respect.)

He was a President under never-ending attack; forced to be on the defensive 24/7/365. So he could never function as a President, because every day he had to fight for his legitimate right to lead. This unwinnable fight was against the people who believe in democracy only as long as their side wins the election. He was the first President to be assassinated by the American Establishment - without them firing even a single shot.

He was a President who was elected on paper only, but could accomplish nothing. Not because he didn't have the ability or ambition or genuine intentions to do it, but because no one let him. The constant hostile pressure that defined his Presidency guaranteed that he never missed an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

It was terribly bad luck that the Covid-19 and BLM crises have blown up on his shift - they have made very bad things much worse.

Trump never had the peace of mind needed for him to exercise his leadership. The American and world media continually derided and delegitimized whatever he attempted to do. His competitors have preferred to destroy America, rather than risk America electing him again. Their strenuous "patriotic" efforts have made the States anything but united.

It is an understatement to say that Trump's cause was not helped by his obsession with China, a dangerous mindset which was largely poisoned by Apple's failure - in the absence of Steve Jobs and Jony Ive - to innovate anything for too long, and so remain relevant in the tech world. Neither did it help that Trump's biggest donor was facing his own lottery-of-life problems in Macao.

Neither was there much support from Trump's foreign supporters/promoters, who are traditionally also good friends of the US. They are also adept at exerting powerful influences and even control over America's domestic politics. But they were too quick to maximize the short-term gains from Trump's Presidency; and that compromised his ability to address the serious and strategic problems that the US has at home.

So what's next? Which means: Who's next? Who can be guaranteed to beat Biden?

That's a subject for another article. But, just as a teaser, here are few names to get you thinking: Mike Pompeo, Nikki Haley, Liz Cheney, Jim Jordan, Kevin McCarthy, William Weld; and, of course, the usual suspects: Mike Pence, Mitt Romney and Ted Cruz.

Strangely, the Republicans will never appoint the ultimate candidate they have standing in plain sight, right in the center of their ranks. The candidate who would cruise effortlessly to victory over Biden. The candidate who would win the hearts of all right- and middle-ground Americans. The candidate who would even draw support from the more realistic and US-loving lefties: A.G. Willam Barr.

They will not do it for the same reasons that the Democrats appointed an obvious-loser - Hillary Clinton - against Trump. And for the same reasons they did not appoint the candidate who would easily beat Trump or any other Republican: Pete Buttigieg.

William Barr, despite being a lawyer, and Pete Buttigieg, despite being a politician, are too naiive and too honest to participate in the dirty game of politics. People who honestly want to serve the public for the public good do not belong in politics. It is an environment that is just not the right place for honest people. They fall into the trap of believing the beautiful advertisement instead of recognizing the real harmful product it sells. They innocently and wrongly believe that democracy is "by the people, for the people", when in fact it is "by the winners, for the winners".


Gary 237 days ago
Due to his malignant narcissism... He has put the US and the world at risk. There is no way that any other US President would have allowed an adversary to put bounties on his soldiers and ignored a novel coronavirus for 3-4 months without involving the world's best scientists, but instead calling it a political "hoax" that will just "go away".
Blood is on his hands.
Steve Sherman 239 days ago
Utter crap! Trump could not have accomplished anything, not because of his enemies, but because of his own incompetence. He is a moron, albeit a dangerous one! I am grateful that he will lose because I don’t think his pride and arrogance would ever permit him to resign!
Joseph 239 days ago
"The rumours of my death have been greatly exaggerated" (Mark Twain).


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