Tuesday, Mar 02, 2021

The bright side: Covid-19 has also had a very positive impact on Trump

It is not a secret that Trump’s temperament, impulses and style are his worst enemies. However, analyzing his post-covid Tweets and videos show a great and wonderful change.
I must say that my impression is that this infection did has done a great make-over job on Trump, so far.

He suddenly sounds very modest, humble, and – surprisingly - honest.

Finally he seems to understand that the U.S. First Lady and President are much more vulnerable than the lowest street-cleaner in Wuhan. That maybe Science and facts have some real value. That the virus indeed has no nationality. And that fighting the virus instead of each other is the real interest of the whole world.

Indeed, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. Illness brings a proper perspective to life. A perspective that is lost when infected by the Hubris Virus that Trump seems finally to be recovering from.

Marilyn 143 days ago
Only in Bizzarro Opposite World would this make any sense.
Paula Clark 144 days ago
Completely agree with Tony. Humble is something this man will never be and the very worst part of his seemingly fantastic recovery is it gives more fuel to his statements about the virus not being something to worry about. This plays directly to his base of people who believe every lie he tells and every disputation of scientific fact. We will never beat this virus now because he refuses to believe that it is still dangerous.
Tony Smith 149 days ago
Quite literally the worst thing I have read in a decade. Trump is a malignant narcissist. He won't change. He can't be humble. This is like the abusive partner who calms down because he got really sick. He's still dangerous and awful.


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