Thursday, Apr 15, 2021

El proyecto crea también el Registro Nacional de Desempleo en el Mitradel

The bill that regulates the gradual return of workers was approved

The Bill 542 that normalizes worker relations and other provisions, was approved on third reading by the plenary of the National Assembly.
The legislative initiative establishes that workers with suspension of contracts due to force majeure or acts of God, extended by virtue of Law 157 of 2020, will be gradually reinstated to their jobs.

The return for companies in the primary sector of the economy, which have been authorized to restart their economic activities and maintain workers with suspended contracts at the entry into force of this law, will gradually reintegrate them, month by month. The extensions of the suspension of contracts may not exceed three months.

Suspension extensions of the secondary sector may not exceed six months; while those in the tertiary sector of the economy, including activities with ten or fewer workers and companies in the tourism sector will gradually reintegrate their workers, may not exceed eight months.

The temporary modification of the working day, as well as other working conditions recognized in the law, may be agreed upon by mutual agreement between the company and the workers; if there is a union, it must be agreed with it.

Companies that remain closed by provision of the health authority since March 2020, may request the extension of the suspension of the effects of their workers' contracts, while said limitation remains in force.

A total of 284 thousand suspended contracts is what the Mitradel database records; Of this total, only 42% of the contracts (121,412) have been reactivated.

The project also creates the National Unemployment Registry in the Ministry of Labor and Labor Development, in order to have statistical data that allow promoting public policies to promote employment.

Oh ya 49 days ago
And lots will never be going back to work as these BS pandemic lockdowns have killed the companies that they worked for


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