Saturday, Aug 20, 2022

The Big Lie, Panama Style

The Big Lie, Panama Style

Ricardo Martinelli leaves the office of the public prosecutor after invoking the discredited specialty principle.
For the umpteenth time, the United States Department of State confirms that Panama can try former President Ricardo Martinelli for the pending cases in Panama, which is why the alleged and spent argument that he cannot be tried by the principle of specialty is a fallacy, which, however, repeated a thousand times, the unsuspecting are willing to believe.

It is an old communication tactic, used by the former Hitler Propaganda Minister Joseph Goebbels, a demagogue, expert in lying and in managing the popular masses. Everything seems to indicate that it is the same thing that this character is looking for, who incessantly repeats alleged events that are not part of reality, but rather his imagination.

That is why the US authorities –which are the official source for this type of doubt– have clarified, once again, what they have already done in the past, but which, at the insistence of the ex-governor to disclose otherwise, reiterates: that the principle of specialty does not apply to this subject. It is clear that whoever wants to believe him responds to stimuli of faith and fanaticism, since the official response could not be clearer. And this is a fact ... not a German tale.

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