Monday, Apr 19, 2021

De acuerdo con el Minsa, en este distrito se aplicarán unas 51,478 dosis del preparado de Pfizer

The 8-6 circuit vaccination process continues, including 2,550 teachers

As of Monday, April 5, the vaccination process against covid-19 is resumed in circuit 8-6, with the application of the second doses to people over 60 years of age and people with disabilities, according to the PanaVac-19 operation scheme.

The day will include 2,553 teachers who work in the district of San Miguelito who will receive the first dose of the vaccine. To do this, they must present their identification card, which proves that they work in the Ministry of Education (Meduca).

For this day, about 19 vaccination centers are enabled.

The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reminded the people who will receive their second dose to attend with their identity card and vaccination card.

Older adults are also recommended to go for breakfast or lunch depending on the time of their appointment, wear comfortable clothing, stay hydrated and have taken their medications.

Pregnant women and teachers who work in this circuit must register on the page

Pregnant women must present a certification from their doctor authorizing the vaccination.

According to the Minsa, some 51,478 doses of the Pfizer preparation will be applied in this district.


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