Thursday, Jun 24, 2021

Surveillance notice issued due to the passage of Tropical Wave # 3 over Panama

Surveillance notice issued due to the passage of Tropical Wave # 3 over Panama

During the next hours, until June 9, rains and thunderstorms are expected for the Caribbean and Pacific slopes.
The National Civil Protection System of Panama (Sinaproc) issued this Monday, June 7, a warning of surveillance before the passage of Tropical Wave # 3 over Panama, which will reinforce the low pressure systems and the Intertropical Convergence Zone.

As announced by the Department of Hydrometeorology of Etesa, rains and electrical storms are expected over the national territory until Wednesday, June 9.

The Estesa meteorologist, Emanuel Velásquez announced that in this situation the surveillance and monitoring protocol in Central America is activated by the National Hurricane Center of the USA, given the possibility of extreme rainy events in our region.

"A quite unstable and complex atmosphere is observed over our region due to the interaction of the Intertropical Convergence Zone positioned south of the Panamanian Isthmus bordering the Central American Pacific coasts, in the same way a low pressure system of both Colombia and Panama and the incursion of Tropical Wave # 3 on the Eastern area of ​​the Panamanian Isthmus, which will gradually move during the following hours and probably the day, "said the meteorologist.

Velásquez added that an axis of trough is observed that extends from Colombia to the Caribbean of Costa Rica that will contribute more instability and therefore more cloud cover and rainfall from early hours this Monday in the Eastern and Central sectors of the country.

The authorities ask the population not to expose themselves by crossing rivers, streams, canals or streams, avoid driving at excess speed, avoid approaching posters or electrical power lines, take care of their children and give shelter to their pets.

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