Saturday, May 08, 2021

‘Lo que aspiramos es a tener la mayor libertad dentro los parámetros aconsejados’: Sucre

Sucre: we want to have as much freedom within the recommended parameters

The health authorities have recognized that the numbers of Covid-19 cases in the country show a slight increase, however, they express that the numbers are within expectations due to the reopening of economic activities.
Taking this into account and in view of the proximity of the end of the year holidays, the Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, said that the public health team is evaluating different recommendations and measures. "All options are open," he warned.

However, Sucre stated that "what we aspire to is to have, including in our families, the greatest freedom within the recommended parameters."

Minister Sucre commented that in Spain, for example, it has been shown that the increase in cases is closely linked to family and friendship gatherings. In these encounters with cousins, brothers, friends, because they look healthy they think they have nothing and we are wrong, he said.

The official announced that recommendations will be given to the population, before the celebration of Mother's Day and the Christmas holidays. He specified that it is necessary to avoid riots, crowds and make purchases well in advance.

On the other hand, Minister Sucre announced that about 400 people positive for Covid-19 have been detected in the Tocumen passenger terminal. He added that the test application measure at the airport has been "highly effective", despite the fact that it was initially criticized.

The minister reiterated the rules that apply when positive cases for the new coronavirus are detected.

If you are a national or a resident, you can choose to go to your residence, although we will always offer the hotel hospital to avoid contagion among family members, he said.

Whereas, if the person is a tourist and comes to Panama, and does not have a residence where they can be treated and properly isolated, they must be taken to a hospital hotel, he said.

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