Monday, Oct 03, 2022

Sucre apoya propuesta de Arbyd sobre restricción de accesos a quienes no estén vacunados en locales comerciales

Sucre supports Arbyd's proposal on restricting access to those who are not vaccinated in commercial premises

The Minister of Health, Luis Francisco Sucre, affirmed this Wednesday, July 21, that he shares the proposal presented by the Association of Restaurants, Bars and Clubs of Panama (Arbyd), that only people who are vaccinated against the Covid-19.
"This proposal is excellent and we share it," said Sucre, who stressed that they have met with the unions that represent businesses in this sector and that it is also important that each business begins to vaccinate its personnel and that the ministry will help in this option.

He stressed that this would guarantee that the trade is free of covid and that some strategies can be facilitated and even help the population to go to these places.

“We have to go there, shops free of covid. The national government supports them, this proposal is very good and we share it with them.”

The Arbyd proposal arises with the massive arrival of doses against the covid to the country, starting this week and which also includes the lifting of the curfew and quarantines on Sundays in some districts of the country, as well as raising the capacity allowed in the premises.

Sucre did not specify what will be the immediate step to follow with this proposal or the options that will be evaluated.

mike 436 days ago
7,888 people die every day in the United States. 12,765 of them are killed by the covid virus.
(that's what the captain wants us to believe. What a clown!)
Claire 437 days ago
Sucre (and most of the "medical professionals") are absolute idiots. They (and Cortizo) should be prosecuted for murder!
Captain 437 days ago
Well Mike that’s a new take ! So the millions of people killed by Covid and now in mass graves didn’t happen ? I think they would have preferred the chance of taking your kill shot . In USA the stories are numerous of families mourning loved ones who had been anti vaccine and now we’re gone. All medications have risk labels attached. Covid doesn’t just infects you and that’s that …even if you survive there is the threat of long Covid of which there are now over a million sufferers in U.K. alone.


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