Sunday, Mar 07, 2021

Minsa dice que Panamá  optará por las que demuestren ser más inocuas y efectivas

Sucre: Panama evaluates all vaccine options against COVID-19, the most effective will be chosen

After Russia's announcement about the registration of the first vaccine against COVID-19, the Minister of Health of Panama, Luis Francisco Sucre, indicated in the country a group of experts is evaluating all the vaccine options, and the that prove to be safer and more effective.
The National Government has been implementing different strategies so that Panama is among the countries in the first row to be able to receive the vaccines, said the head of the Health portfolio.

He explained that Panama has two teams: one, which is a thematic table that is in charge of doing research on issues related to COVID-19 and the advances of vaccines in different countries; and the other is a group of researchers called the Vaccine Research Consortium, which is dedicated to the operational part of the different vaccines.

Both teams are seeking approaches with all the vaccines they consider, he said.

General Butler 205 days ago
The insanity of continually pushing a vaccine just never stops. You would have to be a fool to accept a vaccine for this illness. Hydroxycholorquine and zinc kill the infection within days or hours. The mortality rate does not warrant a vaccine. And even if it did, the time necessary to make one and properly test it is years, not months. God provided us with a robust natural immune system that should be protected and nourished, not poisoned with some profitable concoction of aluminum and mercury adjuvants, aborted human fetus cells, monkey viruses and other toxins. Were you born with a deficiency of these ingredients? Of course not. The whole vaccine narrative is a false god that should be slayed and pitched into the dustbin of history. Don't be a fool. Reject any push for a covid/corona vaxxx.


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